28 February 2014

About Mars

Zona Rio, The Pacific Ocean, and San Diego in the very far distance, as seen from Colonia La Postal, Tijuana, BC 
So the title "Life on Mars..." is an inside joke between Hector and I. On one if my first trips there, we were in a cab and there was a sticker that said in English, "Fasten Your Seatbelts". Except that there was no seatbelt. And, crammed into the back of that Astrovan with about ten other people, the seatbelt thing became our joke. "This place is like no where else. This is like outer space".
The Camión. An old school bus. A terrifying and super easy, inexpensive way of getting around town.
The joke is that Tijuana isn't really Mexico. With the Ready Lane, the USA is about 40 minutes away at most. English is widely spoken and most radio stations are broadcast from San Diego. Tijuana isn't the US; the poverty, the smell of the river, and the giant stadium lights along the fence remind you of that. But Tijuana isn't really Mexico either. It's its own world of color and music and gastronomics.
That's why we lovingly refer to the city as Mars.

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