22 March 2014

Border Stories Saturday: After Deportation

I found this on Youtube and I thought I'd share. This is good information, I believe.

We are not fighting Hector's immigration case. He has a lifetime ban from the United States. His only option is to cross illegally again into the United States; if caught he WILL face federal prison time. His deportation story is different on some levels from the individuals in this film- Hector never once had to sleep on the streets because of my very giving mother who gave us money to get Hector out of the Casa del Migrante and into his own place to live. I think without that help, our story could have ended very differently. I am grateful every day that it didn't. Our story is a deeply painful one, but it could have been A LOT worse.


I've decided to make this a regular post on this blog. At least one Saturday a  month, I will be sharing stories of deportees and DREAMers. We are not the only exiled family; we are not alone in this mess. There are others who have fared much worse than us, and their voices are just as important.

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