02 March 2014

Being Brave in 2014

My One Little Word for 2014: BRAVE

For the past six years, I've adopted Ali Edward's idea of One Little Word. It's kind of like a new year's resolution, except that instead of trying to lose 15 lbs and falling off on January 6 after gorging on tamales and la rosca, you pick a word and try to incorporate it into your daily life and actions. I've done this since 2009 and for the past 2 years, have taken Ali's class. The class includes monthly creative and journaling prompts, allowing you to think about your word through out the year.

My words have been:

  • 2009: Downsize
  • 2010: Pray (I prayed and I got my son!)
  • 2011: Learn
  • 2012: Shine
  • 2013: Adventure
  • 2014: BRAVE.
This year my word is BRAVE. Brave picked me sometime last September. It wouldn't leave me alone. Brave worked it's way into my thoughts and made me realize that I was hurting myself and my family by being afraid. I was going to move to Mexico in August of 2013. I had everything packed. I bought myself a new car. I had everything ready to go. Instead, I freaked out on my husband, caused a big scene, and his myself away from the world and dove into my job. After that major meltdown, I started to pick the pieces up. Cecilia was wanting to be with her dad. Isaias won't potty train (anyone with any ideas, please share!). I feel like a total failure. I had completely destroyed my family's goals in a week and set us back a year. I've wasted a year with our family in one piece that I can't get back. And it is all because I was afraid. 

But not this year. BRAVE is on my side. I am going to move and reunite my family. I am learning how to overcome my fears by taking simple actions and thinking about everything I do in a way of "Am I being brave or am I cowering away?". My whole life I've lived in the darkness, being afraid to upset people or ruffle feathers. But moving away IS going to ruffle feathers. It IS going to upset people. I will be upset. I will leave my parents and home and safety and venture out into the unknown. But I am tired of being afraid. It's exhausting. Bravery is my choice. And I am going to choose to be brave, even when I am scared.
A VERY good point.

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  1. Andrea,
    Congratulations on starting a blog. It takes a very brave person to write about the intimate parts of life, and openly share it with others. I love the word brave. My word for 2014 is nourish.