16 March 2014

Border Crossing

When I crossed into Mexico, I was scared that I would get stopped for revision and inspection and that I'd have to pay import fees.
I had never driven into Mexico, and I didn't know where to go. My sister-in-law who has been exiled in Tijuana with my husband's brother for 6 months, met me in Chula Vista, CA to drive over the border with me. Our original plan was that I'd cross behind her and that I'd follow her to the place I'd meet up with Hector.
However, when I approached El Chaparral, the lanes get very ambiguous very quickly. I ended up in front of my sister in the nothing-to-declare line. I went to the nothing-to-declare line because I didn't really bring anything of any real monetary value. I ended up in my lane and I went through their new x-ray machines. Because of the 4 suitcases tired on top of the car,I was expecting a red light, but instead I got a green light!
Mexico uses and red light/green light system of revision; when coming by bus or walking across the border, you press a button and if you get a green light, you pass on through. If you get a red light, then you get puked over to the side and they go through all of your stuff. I've never noticed them to look very well.
This time I got a green light and the multiple inspection lanes narrow down to 2. I didn't know where to slow down to let my sister in front of me. I ended up on the freeway driving all over TJ. Cars were coming from a million different directions. My sister in law finally was able to get me back on the road, back close to the line, where I met up with Hector.

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