08 March 2014


Reading: The Holy Bible

Watching: Nothing, because we gave up Netflix for Lent.

Listening to: The static over the webcam as Hector and I attempt to Skype.

Drinking: Double Spice Chai Tea

Eating: Fish and Chips

Writing: A few different blog posts, all with different topics and themes.

Wishing: It would be June already.

Feeling: Apprehensive and nervous as I plan an adventure.

Appreciating: My awesome boss.

Learning: How to be brave and to read maps.

Thinking: About my Subaru.

1 comment:

  1. Are you taking the kids with you for the trip or are they staying for school? You'll do just fine, it's super easy to shoot straight down the I-5 and you'll end up in Tijuana. Do you have Google Maps on your phone?