28 March 2014

Faith Friday: Praying the Rosary

This year, one of my intentions has been to get closer to God and to go back to the Church. I am actively participating in this Lenten season, and I have included the Rosary as part of my daily prayer.

The Holy Rosary in its present form was shown to St. Dominic by Our Lady in the year 1214. It consists of 1 recitation of the Sign of the Cross, 1 Apostle's Creed, 5 Glory Be's, 5 Our Father's, 5 Fatima Prayers, and 53 recitations of the Hail Mary. It concludes with the recitation of the Hail, Holy Queen. If you are not Catholic, it should be understood that Catholics do NOT worship Mary or any of the Saints. We believe that the Saints and our most Beloved Mother are alive, in Heaven, and can hear our miseries. We ask them to pray with us and for us. It never hurts to have a big prayer chain and to have help with our prayers.

I spent a LONG time away from the Church. Not on purpose, but I just kind of didn't make it Sunday after Sunday, and then when I worked on Sundays, it made it even harder. But now I am doing my best to make it. I missed God. This separated life is too hard for a lonely person. I need God to be my Companion. I was away from the Church so long, that I had forgotten almost all of the prayers drilled into me by the nuns at school as a child. It's a good thing that there's an app for that. I downloaded Rosario and it has made saying the Rosary every night a breeze. I can truly say that I am more blessed now that I am praying regularly. 

Since beginning my Rosary devotion, I've noticed:
  • Hector and I fight less.
  • I have more energy in my life for family and my kids.
  • My depression is not as severe.
  • I am closer to God and I want to share that with my friends and family.
  • I am friendlier, more honest, and compassionate.
  • I feel less temptations towards things I struggle with: unhealthy eating, anger, bitterness, overspending. 
I am so glad that God put it on my heart to pray this way. I've noticed so many things in my life getting better, even when things still seem so dark. 

Blessed Week to all!

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