26 March 2014

Mom and Daughter

Spring Break is in full swing around here.

I've been trying to spend time with Cecilia. It's been 4 years almost since I've really been able to spend time with just Cecilia. But for now, it's just me and her. I have lots of time for her. 

Cecilia and I went to the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry. This is something I usually did on my days off with Isaias, because he is a little science boy. But this week, I took Cecilia because she's out of school and I had a day off. It turns out, Cecilia is a little science nut, too.

Cecilia is a DIFFERENT scientist than her brother. Isaias loves the Science Playground, and the physics lab. He loves gears and making things work. He also adores the water tables- building paddle boats and sailboats. Cecilia and I had a different kind of day at OMSI, and I was not used to it. First, we saw a movie in the theater. I was a little sad that OMSI no longer has an IMAX theater. It was WAY better when it did. We saw a movie called "Flight of the Butterflies". It was actually really good, and it made Cecilia want to go to Michoacan, so she can see the butterflies. She loved seeing the Mexican government logos at the beginning of the moive- she was excited because she knew what they were and recognized them. 

After the movie, we headed out to start the museum.  We headed to the Life Science Hall. Isaias prefers the Earth Science. Cecilia hardly noticed the Earth Science hall. We played around in there for a bit then headed downstairs. We went into the Maker Lab. The Lab is a place where you can make things. They have 3D printers, art supplies, and Legos. There you can use the supplies to make something new. Cecilia used old upholstery samples and wire to make a butterfly. From there we headed to the Chemistry lab. I've never taken Isaias in there, so it was a lot of fun to goggle up and experiment with Cecilia. 

After Chemistry, she wanted to go to the physics lab, and the water tables, and I got really sad because I missed Isaias a lot right then. 

But it was nice to spend a day with just Cecilia. I had to try to really spend time focusing on her, rather than missing Isaias. It has been a long time since it has been just me and her for any length of time. 

My relationship with Cecilia has always been a bit of a strained one. She is my first born, so she got to deal with all of my parenting mistakes. Plus, when she was born, I was seventeen, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or what I was going to do with a little person for the rest of my life. But she is no longer such a little person anymore. She is a smart, funny, curious little girl. It's so strange to me to see her develop her own likes and dislikes. In a lot of ways, she is just like me. In a lot of ways, she is a lot like Hector. I'm blessed to have this young girl in my life. 

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