31 March 2014

One Little Word: March Edition

I think in March, I have been brave. I think I was more brave in this last month than I have ever been in my entire life. I drove over 1,000 miles on my own. I started moving to Mexico. I left my son with his father. A year ago, these things would have no happened. I would have found an excuse to put them off, so I could live in my comfort zone.

But I'm not living in my comfort zone anymore. Life is meant to be uncomfortable.We're meant to adventure and migrate and discover. It's the way it's been since the beginning of time. We have Fight or Flight chemically wired into us. We are meant to go up against scary things. That is life. In today's modern world, things are more emotionally scary than physically scary, but the response in our bodies is the same: fight or flight. By choosing to be BRAVE, I'm choosing FIGHT when I would have normally picked FLIGHT. I'm choosing to face my fears, rather than hide away and live a comfortable life.

In Ali Edwards' One Little Word class for this month, we made vision boards to remind us of our word as a way to "Make Our Word Visible" in my world. I did this last year, and I still have my "Adventure" board hanging up. I used an old 24"x24" frame from Walmart- it was one of those collage frames, but I took out that glass and the matting, and I just pasted all of my magazine cut-outs on to the cardboard backing.

This year, I made my entire collage from magazine cut-outs Mod Poged onto the cardboard. Not all of these things have to do with being BRAVE so much, as they do with things that I'd like to incorporate into my life:

The coin jar: came from an article in I think Sunset Magazine about change adding up. It's a reminder to me that I should save up all of my extras for Mexico.

The text on the bottom: An article about taking risks from Real Simple magazine. 

Everything else came from random old National Geographic magazines and random Sunset or AAA Via magazines. I have a collection that could rival any doctor's office. 

I included a picture of an old Spanish Mission St. Xavier Bac as a reminder of how I want to get closer to God this year. I included a coffee ad that reads "Great Morning" because I want my mornings to be great. I want my whole LIFE to be great this year. I included something that said "ridiculously reliable" because I need to be more reliable for Hector to count on me. I need to do what I say. 

I'm overall happy with this vision board. I didn't include anything from Pinterest like I have done in the past because my printer doesn't like me anymore (probably should be a different post whenever I get a new printer). But I kinda liked doing this project "the old-fashioned way" (i.e. before Pinterest). Either way, I know that this will inspire me every day when I look at it, like my Adventure board did last year. 

One Little Word is an online class led by Ali Edwards. She encourages participants to choose one word to incorporate into their lives throughout the year, in lieu of New Year's Resolutions. This is my sixth year choosing a word and my second year participating in the class. I will share my One Little Word updates monthly throughout 2014.

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