05 March 2014

Our Story

The Story Begins on July 16, 2001 when Hector and I met at Glenwood Park in SE Portland. I was 12 years old and Hector was 18 (don't get your panties in a bunch- we were seriously only friends for YEARS!). The second I saw Hector I knew I was going to marry him. Right from the beginning, we had a connection like none I had ever felt, or have felt ever again. We could talk. We understood how the other's mind worked. We were inseparable forever. 

The year ticked on and Hector got involved with something very stupid, and in a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was imprisoned for almost 3 years in Oregon Department of Corrections.

Me knowing that I wanted to marry him since always, I made my mom wake me up at 4 in the morning, to drive me literally 4 hours across the state to visit him. The visits were cordial and as unpleasant as visiting a correctional facility could be. From 2002-2005, we kept in touch via letters, phone calls and visits. I was not always the perfect friend to Hector, and I let myself get too busy for him when I was in high school, but I tried to make time for him the best my selfish 16 year old self could.

In 2005 Hector was released into ICE custody and was deported from the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, WA. He was sent on an airplane in handcuffs to the border, where they stripped him of any US or Mexican ID. He successfully crossed back into the US in August 2005 and relocated to Yakima, WA. In September 2005, again my parents drive me 3 hours to go visit him, now on the outs. Somewhere during that visit...I ended up pregnant.

Hector continued to live in Yakima and we did not hardly speak for the nine months I was pregnant. We were both not getting along. He was doing his own thing in Yakima, I was busy trying to finish high school as a big pregnant lady. On May 31, 2006 I graduated high school: 
In June 2006, I gave birth to our beautiful Cecilia. She was perfect. Hector finally came to visit, when we stopped being stupid and decided to get along, when Cecilia was 4 months old.
She was perfect. Our family was perfect, except that Hector was only visiting from Yakima, and I was still living in Portland. So, the only logical thing for me to do was move to Yakima. In February 2007, I moved to Yakima with Hector. What a great life we had there. Hector taught me to drive, and made me get a job, and the pieces of my life were coming together. In June 2007 we moved back to Portland.

In June 2009, we took a little road trip to California for my brother's wedding. At that time, we also decided we should get married, and we drove through Yosemite to Reno, NV, where we were married at the Chapel of the Bells. It seemed like almost all of our dreams were going to come true.
We lived in Portland at my parent's house until in February 2010, I got a positive pregnancy test. I was thrilled. In June 2010 we moved back to Washington so I could eligible for Medicaid. In October 2010, our beautiful Isaias joined our family:
We were having a great life in Washington, until February 2011 when my dad fell, and he needed me to come home and take care of him. I went to CNA school, and on my last day of CNA class, Hector borrowed our ugly Subaru, and went to WA to visit his mom. There was a series of events that unfolded, and Hector was in a car accident. He was fine, but he was arrested and detained. Within 24 hours, he was being held with an ICE hold.

Hector signed a paper at the Northwest Detention Center saying that he would never try to re-enter the United States. He was deported on May 7th, 2011. Once again, he tried to cross back into the US to get to us, but he was caught in Mexicali. The border patrol agents told him that if he tried to cross again, that he would be facing a minimum of 3 years in Federal Prison. So we decided that he should stay in Tijuana.

So since 2011 Hector has been living in Tijuana, BC. He has had to learn the customs and mannerisms of what is to him, a foreign country. He had lived in the US for most of his life, and restarted and built a new life in Mexico. He's had to learn how to get an ID, get a job, pay bills, grocery shop, convert money, and learn to ignore the giant wall and stadium lights that are visible from almost everywhere. He's had to let go of his life in the US and make new friends and build new relationships with people. He has been very brave.

On June 16, 2014 I finally joined him. This time it was my stubbornness that kept us apart. Now we can get on with the rest of our lives.


  1. Yeah! I think once you move to be with your hubby and you are altogether again. God will watch over you and your family and everything will work its way out.

  2. Wishing you the best of luck in TJ, my husband jumped the fence in Mexicali too when they deported him in 2002, they caught him and told him 5 years in Federal if they caught him again. Thats too much time so he never tried again. I have a very similar prison visiting picture as above, haha:)

    1. Yeah, they told him 3 years, and we decided, nah. Not worth it anymore. What would he do here anyways? I think TJ will be better in the long run for all involved.