11 March 2014

Project Life Tuesday: Week 10

It's time for Project Life Tuesday! The post where I explain my process and see the start of my 2014 album can be viewed here. As noted in last week's PLT post, I am using the Rain Core Kit as my main "kit" for 2014. This week, since there is no link-up, I am going to focus on the details of this weeks spread:
Sorry for the grainy picture- I think I might have my good camera back by next week's post
Here's a look at just the left side:
And just the right side:

Week Ten was a pretty calm week around here. Except for Verizon screwing up my phone bill- a $1,577 cell phone bill because they accidentally removed my Canada/Mexico plan. They are waiting for approval from the regional manager to reverse the charges...

Cecilia made a bird feeder at school and she was pretty proud of it. I included part of an Instaweather picture showing the flowers that are popping out already. The next page includes a picture of our ashes and our Lenten commitments on one of my all-time favorite cards in the Rain Edition
I absolutely LOVE these little speech bubbles. I think they are the perfect way to include little quotes or blurbs about everything. LOVE LOVE LOVE this card. 

I've been getting more adventurous (for lack of a better word) in adding captions to my photos using the Project Life Textured 3x4 Cards that coordinate with the Rain Core Kit: 
The cards have the traditional rounded corners (I'm not a corner-rounder; too much work!) so sometimes I just cut ends off and use that part, leaving a middle chunk. Well, as a resourceful Oregonian who recycles EVERYTHING, I decided to cut little flags into the middle parts, giving me ANOTHER journaling spot. I highly doubt that I am the first person to think of this, but I was pretty darn impressed that I DID think of it!

Again this week I printed my photos with white borders. I am really loving this look. I think it helps my pictures stand out more, as well as smooths the layout broken up with the pocket system. This is definitely something that I will continue doing in the future.

Well that's it for Project Life Tuesday this week. Leave your link in the comments and I will check out your pages!

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