04 March 2014

Project Life Tuesday

I LOVE scrapbooking and recording our family's memories through pictures and words. I have been scrapbooking since probably 2003 when my friend had a baby. For many years I made traditional scrapbooks, gluing and stitching papers to papers, and typing out journaling. I made beautiful books and I will never hate that process. Fast-forward to Hector's deportation: newly single mom of a 5-year-old and one-year-old, going from being a stay-at-home-mom who had lots of help to having to work full-time and have little help. I don't have time to cut papers down to certain sizes or design pages. I just want to get pages DONE.

And this us where Project Life pocket scrapbooking steps in to save the day. I have followed Becky Higgins' career since I first started scrapbooking and I picked up my first edition of Creating Keepsakes magazine. Her ideas and style really stood out to me, and I have a folder filled with articles that she wrote throughout her years at CK. So when she left the magazine to start her own company, I followed. Her idea of just slipping precut/predesigned cards into pockets, writing a little jounraling blurb, and slipping in your photos was just what this busy mama needed to get caught up and get pages done.

A couple of looks at the Rain Core Kit edition that I am using to document our memories this year. I picked this kit because of it's color scheme: purple is our favorite color and the blue and green just remind me of Portland so much!

At first, the idea of detailing the everyday moments of our lives in a weekly layout didn't appeal to me. For two years, I did monthly layouts. It seemed like a good way to get our memories down, and get pages done. However, this year seemed like I needed something more. My kids are growing so ridiculously fast that I can't keep up with them. How else am I going to remember every little detail about them, if I don't capture it? So for 2014, I am doing weekly layouts. I have been really good at staying up-to-date and am going to start sharing my pages on here. This is going to be a picture-heavy post, so be prepared:

Okay, so sorry for my crappy photography skills, I took all of these on my Droid which does have a great camera. This is our 2014 Title Page using cards from the Rain edition, an Oregon wood veneer I found at a local shop, and a Mexico cut file that someone made for me. The 6x12 photo of the palm tree was printed by Persnickety Prints

So Week One, Both sides. This week I was visiting Hector in beautiful Tijuana. I used the Rain edition and cards from the Just Add Color edition (now sold out).  The photo collages I made in InstaPicFrame.   

Week Two was mostly coming back from vacation and settling back into a routine here.  I really love the Rain edition because it has a lot of cards with quote bubbles, perfect for including the funny things my kids say.

Another fun and easy week. We spent a bit of time at OMSI. I got sick and had to go to the ER. We went to the book store. Also, the Seahawks beat out the 49ers to go to the Superbowl, which we all know how that turned out :)

Week Four. Spent some time at OMSI again, Cecilia got Lady Gaga hair, and I was sick. The weather was beautiful and we walked to Mass.

Week Five: Worked a LOT, including a NOC shift. We made an outfit for our NiƱo Dios, which I was super proud of, because we knitted it. Week ended on Superbowl Sunday, where my beloved Hawks beat out the Broncos. 

Week Six started out with beautiful weather, getting the taxes done, and a trip to OMSI, and ended with a huge snow and ice storm, that lasted into the next week, and I had to go to work in it every day. The kids loved the snow though and it was very beautiful.
For Week Seven, Valentine's week, I used the Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic Kit (exclusive to Michael's). It has a lot more hearts and pink than the Rain edition does.

Week Seven also included TWO inserts, using the Design J Page Protector, and just lined the edge with washi tape, for fun. 

OMSI insert. We we went to the Rock and Mineral show at OMSI, which was special because my mom joined us.

When I have a lot of photos, I tend to cut up the journaling cards and glue them onto the photos, to add more journaling space.

Week Eight. I used the page protectors from the Just Add Color kit, and I decided to try white frames on all of my pictures. I didn't have a whole lot going on this week. I used some cards from the Rain Core kit and some cards by We R Memory Keepers, but I don't remember what they were called or when or where I bought them :(

Week Nine: Cecilia won an award at school for being a hard worker, and they had a whole assembly for it. I was lazy and ordered pizza. Cecilia had Girl Scouts. The book I'm currently reading. I started this blog, I reached level 13 in Portuguese on Duolingo.
So that is our 2014 family album so far. I love using this system to record memories. For those who are in other countries, there are also digital options. I love using the physical product though, and Hector already knows that my scrapbooks and my scrapbooking materials are coming with me to Mexico. I'd rather have my scrapbooking supplies, than my bed!

I'm linking this up to The Mom Creative's Monthly Project Life link-up. To find out more about Project Life and see other editions that may suit your family best, check out Becky Higgins' new online store here.


  1. Wonderful layouts!
    I like cutting up my journal cards to add more journaling space too.

    1. TY! I think adding extra space helps me get more pictures in, and then I don't have to have a bunch of inserts.