13 March 2014

Road Trip Reflections

We're here!

Here's a glimpse of the road-

We had to stop in Salem, Oregon to have some papers "authenticated". In my 25 years in Oregon, I had never actually been to the capital building. 
I knocked off one thing from my bucket list: this California-dreamer took her picture on the Oregon-California border.
The California drought is NOT an exaggeration: as we drove over Lake Shasta, the lake was VERY low.
I LOVE driving into Sacramento. Sactown always seems like the entrance into California for me: palm trees are showing up and the pine trees of the Pacific Northwest are fewer.
Cecilia was ADAMANT about having her own bed. However, we were all so tired, we just died. They didn't even bpther covering up.
We stopped at a rest stop in the Grapevine. The car and the kids needed the break.
My sister-in-law {exiled now for 6 months} met me in National City and we drove across the border together {another post}. The cross over was what was making me the most nervous.
We met Hector at the Costco store, and he immediately jumped in the driver's seat. I couldn't actually remember the last time we were all in a car together. 

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  1. It must have felt great to all be together. You look so happy.