20 March 2014

Separation From Cecilia's Perspective

Cecilia returned to school yesterday; I walked her to her class like I do everyday. I cleaned out her cubby of all the papers that got put in there while she was gone. I found an interesting drawing.
It was attached to the following poem:

Please Say

Please say today is Friday.
Please say I can go see my Dad.
Please say it is Saturday.
Please say it is a snow day.
Please say Dobby is coming.
Please say we are going to Mexico.
Please say it is Valentines. 
Please say my mom feels better.
Please say it is time for math.

By Cecilia

The accompanying drawing. All of us together.
The person who has taken the separation the hardest has been Cecilia from day 1. She has suffered more than any of us. She and her dad were a matched pair- always together, silly little spitting images of each other. Until the day that it all changed. Cecilia was 4 years old and had MAJOR regressions. She basically had a meltdown. My outgoing girl became quiet and reserved. My strong-willed child became timid and sensitive. Her personality did a complete 180. No, I didn't get her therapy or anything like that. I just simply wrote it off as one of the major problems with having your father ripped away from you and having your entire life turned upside down.

But this- 3 years later. Her wish is her family. My wish is our family. These things still stop me in my tracks and knock me on my ass. It usually comes when I think she's very well adjusted and doing marvelous, I find these kinds of things. This is my main motivation for moving. Because my children are in pain in a way that they don't have to be.

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  1. It's a great poem and Cecilia is a fantastic artist too, definitely way better than I. Children do express their feelings in different ways but I'm sure that family unity is the only thing that matters to her. You're doing the right thing hon!