17 March 2014

Sobreruedas Days

Weekends are sobreruedas day. These are open air markets that spread out for block after block. The people of the city just know which day is which, because the sobreruedas market moves to a new neighborhood everyday. 
Buying Thomas the Train figurines for 20 pesos- about $1.80 and about $10 less than in the US.

You can find any and everything at the market. There are food stands with fresh produce, restaurants, meat stores, furniture stores, appliances, clothing new and used (for a fraction of the US prices).

On Mars/Tijuana, these small markets take US dollars and pesos. I prefer to pay in pesos, because then you don't have to worry about the current exchange rate and whether or not you are being cheated. You have to count your change carefully. 

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