09 March 2014


Stress is a KILLER for me. I know it is a "killer" for millions of Americans, but because I have depression and anxiety, stress sets me over the edge. I can feel my blood pressure creep up and my pulse race and I break out in sweats. I feel like if I could cry, I might feel better, but I don't. I take anti-depressants and Vitamin D (a major problem for a lot of Oregonians). Some days it feels like they are starting to help, other days (like today) I feel like I am pulling in 500 different directions and I can't breathe.

Today was a stressful day at work. Today is the end of the Girl Scout Cookie season, and I still need to turn my money in. The kids need six hundred million things. I have to still cook dinner, plan a few blog posts, clear my camera roll, and pack for our adventure. Plus this upcoming adventure is going to be my first major one alone with my kids, and I am terrified. The fear is overtaking me and making me physically ill right now. I want to stop and take a breather, but I don't have the time.

I am in two countries at the same time and in two different lifetimes. How did this become my life? How did I become a mom too busy for her kids? How did I become too busy for myself? Ugh. I wish I had the answers.

How do you handle stress when you are too busy to handle stress?

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  1. First, breathe. You will make it and you'll do great. Second, write a list of what needs to be done and prioritize it by time sensitive items and what can wait or possibly be skipped. Don't worry about the blog posts, they will write themselves when the time is available. Delegate little tasks so the kids can help you pack for the adventure as well. Stand with your suitcase and make it a game ie everyone grab 5 pairs of undies, etc. And lastly, breathe!!