10 March 2014

The Reyes Family Exodus: Part 1

I am a pilgrim of sorts. I am on a pilgrimage to grow and cultivate bravery within my soul. I am on a pilgrimage to show myself that I can be brave. I am showing the world that I can make adult decisions and that I know what is best for my family. I am undertaking the journey where I go from being an overgrown girl-child into a woman.

But I'm taking this journey in parts. I was offered a bunch of unpaid time off from work, and I took it. Yes, next pay period I will probably not be happy about it, but in the long run, it is going to benefit me. I'm loading up as much as I can into our Subaru Legacy Outback and we're headed south!

Our move is not officially happening until June, but I am bringing on this trip a lot of things that we don't need on our day to day (extra plates, our Christmas decorations, all of the scrapbooks unless they are being worked on currently, Hector's clothes that got left here, momentos and recuerdos, a bunch of my paintings- mostly a lot of junk). When I make the trip again in June, it will be the rest of our things, and it will be permanent. I figured since the Subaru isn't the biggest car in the world, and I need to fit 2 car seats into the back, that it would be best to make 2 trips.

Our Subaru has been parked for awhile, unable to pass DEQ (emissions test- I need a catalytic converter). But, for this trip, I put some cheap insurance from the General, and I got a trip permit from DMV. I have no idea if it's legal to drive in California with a trip permit, but I'm about to find out. Getting the car ready was no fun in and of itself. First off, I needed a new battery: $104 at the Walmart Store. Then I got the insurance and the trip permit. But then, I couldn't find the key- anywhere. $125 later a locksmith had to come out and make a new key for me. I'm guarding that with my life.  After all of that was said and done, I go to turn on the car, and I have brake lights, I have turn signals, but I have zero taillights! Grrr... I need to be on the road by Monday and it's a Saturday! Well, my dear friend from work to the rescue. When she got to my house on Saturday afternoon, they were working- I've got a short. I can live with that. I just got to get it to Mexico and we can fix it there!

We're headed south! See you all when we get there!

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  1. Have a safe trip. Sending my prayers your way.