20 April 2014

Currently: Easter Edition

Feeling: Overwhelmed that part 2 of the Reyes Family Exodus is less than 2 months away, and I am not prepared. I don't even know how I'm going to get to Mexico since I had to leave my car there. Option 1: Rent a car/SUV or Option 2: Rent a small U-Haul and drive to San Diego and have someone meet me with a truck, so I unload the U-Haul and drive across that way. I'm still weighing the pros and cons of both options.
Wearing: This skirt from Target. I cannot get enough Maxi Skirts these days.
Reading: Wild by Cheryl Strayed. One woman took off alone to hike the Pacific Crest Trail and rediscovered herself. I picked it up awhile back and I'm getting around to it. I like these kinds of books, travelogues and autobiographies of women who adventure. So far, I'm about 60 pages in and I like it.
Eating: I had pancakes this morning. Nobody makes pancakes like my dad.
Thinking: About moving, about the workweek coming up, and about how much I miss my son.
Creating: Working on several blog posts for the week, as well as my Project Life Tuesday post for this next week, showing how I assemble a PL spread.
Anticipating: The rain for Easter Sunday
Listening To: My YouTube playlists.
Writing: This post a day early, so I can spend the holiday with my family.
Wanting: It to be June already.

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