11 April 2014

My Top 10 FAVORITE Books (EVER)

I am an AVID reader. I don't just read books- I devour each and every word like I do oxygen- I absorb them into me. My favorite genres are mystical realism, historical fiction, travelogues, and young adult (my guilty pleasure), but I admit I will read any and everything in print. My love of the book began at an early age- I was reading short books by the time I was 3. I lived in a house of readers, and it's been my goal to raise my children as readers. I'm always scavenging the Goodwill book racks and the best gift I could ever receive is a B&N gift card. However, I do have my favorites I come back to, time and time again. They are books that have changed me, changed how I think, changed how I look at the world, and I'm going to share them here.

  1. The Hummingbird's Daughter- Luis Alberto Urrea; set in the time of the Mexican Revolution, this tells the story of Teresa Urrea and all of the wonders that she did. This is one of my "feel-good books". I just love to pick it up and dive into it's pages.
  2. Always Running: La Vida Loca: Gang Days in LA: Luis Rodriguez. I've read this book more times that I can possibly count. I first read it when I was 13 and I thought that it would be cool to be a chola, but I quickly changed my mind. The autobiography gripped me in a way that I was more inclined to fight for justice than fight over street corners.
  3. Harry Potter: JK Rowling. Oh what could I possibly say about the wonders of Harry Potter? I know that there are really 7 books, but that would take up my whole list! HP inspires me to be brave and clever always. It's a story about loyalty and friendship and is my #1 book series, Always.
  4. The Three Musketeers: Alexandre Dumas; This book is another book about loyalty, friendship and bravery. I read this not long after Isaias was born and it inspired me be braver than I was. 
  5. Across the Wire: Life and Hard Times on the Mexican Border: Luis Alberto Urrea. This was the first "political" book I ever read about the border. This was way back in 2004 or 2005, before I ever had to even worry about life in the border zone. It is a realistic account into people (mostly children) living in the slums of Tijuana, where the author is from. 
  6. El Zorro: Isabel Allende; Easily one of my favorite writers, Isabel Allende recreates the hero of the Californias, who fights for justice of the lowest classes (in a flashy way). 
  7. Eat Pray Love: Liz Gilbert; Liz Gilbert tells the story of how she recovered from a miserable divorce to refind herself in the world. I found this book when I was really struggling with loneliness and it helped me find God and make a plan for my life. 
  8. Nothing to Declare Mary Morris; Mary travels alone to Mexico and Central American and tells her story of doing so. I read this book in an afternoon and it inspires me to travel to Mexico and live there, where I belong. This book helped me erase the fear of living in Mexico.
  9. One Hundred Years of Solitude: Gabriel Garcia Marquez- I'm a HUGE fan of this author, but this work that tells the rise and fall of an imaginary family in an imaginary village is just so enveloping and entertaining, I could never put this book down and it always makes me feel good when I read it.
  10. Our Lady of the Forest David Guterson; Tells the story of a girl who believes that she sees the Holy Virgin appear to her in the woods. This is the story of the following that grows around her, as well as her critics, and those who just aren't sure. Great story of modern faith.
So there you have it! My Top 10 books! These are the books I return to time after time, just because I like how they make me feel when I read them. What are your favorite books? Do you prefer an actual book or a Kindle? Anything you think I should read? Be sure to let me know! I am always looking for a good book!


  1. I've read a few of these and some I have not. I must check them out!

  2. I have not read most of these books, lol. Tell me that you've read the whole Clan of the Cave Bear series, the Outlander series, and the Dragonriders of Pern series. I'll see if I can copy your idea and schedule it to publish while I'm gone Semana Santa because reading is about all I can do in Guerrero. Time to hop over to library website and restock my Kindle!

    1. Never heard of any of those Krystal, but I seriously am going to have to check them out now. Authors?

  3. Andrea, I started laughing halfway down the list because we have similar tastes and I LOVE to read and started reading about 3 also, haha ....Luis Alberto Urrea is one of my favorites!!! By The Lake of Sleeping Children goes with Across the Wire and is also excellent. Now, Gabriel Garcia Marquez is also one of my absolute favorites! Have you read Innocent Erindera? La Vida Loca is also one of the books that I enjoyed. These are my top 10: One Hundred Years of Solitude, Our Eyes were Watching God-Zora Neal Hurston (excellent), So Far From God-Ana Castillo (awesome and have read many times), Rain of Gold-Victor Villasenor, The Kite Runner-Khalid Hosseini (great!), The Color Purple-Alice Walker (if you haven't, you need too:), Six of One-Rita Mae Brown (hilarious), Oscar Wilde's books and plays, As I Lay Dying-Faulkner (excellent also), Things Fall Apart-Chinua Achebe (so well written). Thanks, Layla

    1. I have only read The Kite-Runner as it was required reading my senior year of high school. I am adding these to my to-read list now!

  4. Can't believe I forgot my all time favorite, Jitterbug Perfume-Tom Robbins....a must!

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