29 April 2014

Project Life Tuesday: Week Seventeen

Welcome to Week Seventeen of Project Life Tuesday here on the blog! I can't believe we're already Seventeen weeks into 2014. It feels like such a short time, but also a long time as well.

Week Seventeen was a slow week. By slow week, I mean, I feel like I worked the entire time (even though I didn't) and I hardly took any pictures. I think I may have taken 30 pictures. That's it. But some exciting things did happen. Cecilia lost a tooth, my sister-in-law blessed me with a beautiful new niece, and my Daddy, my sweet Daddy, turned 80 years old!

So...onto this week's spread:
For the left side, I used Becky Higgins Project Life Page Protector Design D. It's what I used last week. I'm trying to mix up the page protectors I use, because I have so many and it seemed to me I was only using a couple of styles, and others were taking up space in my binders. The right side is Design C

Exciting happenings around here. Cecilia got her Highlights Club kit; which is a big deal for her. Also, on Monday, she came home from school missing another tooth. She's gonna put the Tooth Fairy out of business. Do you see that top picture on the right. Oh yes, Cecilia decided to PAINT her bedroom walls. That sunburst there is from my stencil- it's 12"x12". It's the entire wall.

This is the left page. It's a bit blurry on purpose, because the journaling is rather private. I highlighted the 2 big events of the week: my new baby niece (Emilia) and my dad's 80th birthday dinner. I used the large perforated cards included in the Rain Edition. They are meant to be folded and stuck into the 3x4 slots on the Design A pages, but I like to use them as large journaling spots. Sometimes I have a lot to say.

Project Life is a memory keeping system designed by Becky Higgins. All products are available on Becky's website or on Amazon.com. Feel free to share links to your own Project Life pages in the comments below.


  1. I think the bifold cards are my favorite card in all the kits. The only thing that sucks about digital scrapping is I can't have any hidden journaling! I'm trying to use different templates too since I have all of them but stick to my six basic ones. This week I'm using the Instagram ones from Just Add Color so it's been fun! My girls started scrapping in their BH mini albums this week too.

    1. I LOVE the JAC pages. They were seriously the only reason I bought the kit. I'm thinking about getting Cecilia one of the 6x8 albums and a mini kit, but I don't know. She loves to scrapbook with me.