15 April 2014

Project Life Tuesday: Weeks 14 & 15

Welcome back everyone! Today I'm showing you weeks 14 & 15 of my Project Life Album. Can you believe we're already 16 weeks into 2014? I can't believe in just 2 short months I'm going to be moving to Mexico!

In the meantime, here's a look at Week 14:

This week I again used the Rain Core Kit, but I used the page protectors for Instagram photos from the discontinued Just Add Color kit. I will discuss more of my process of putting together a layout start to finish in my post next week (so check back!). Let's take a closer look at each page:
So I'm the embarrassing mom who puts pictures of the kids using the potty in her Project Life album- I don't care! I struggled for MONTHS to get Isaias to potty train; one week with his dad and he was completely potty trained. Go figure. Cecilia's big highlight this week was getting a Frankie Stein Monster High Doll...
Most of the pictures this week are from mine and Cecilia's little excursion into downtown PDX to go to the Target there (I didn't specifically feel like going to that Target, but it was on my way to my other excursions). The coffee cozie from Starbucks has a quote from Oprah on it:
I love that! The second I saw it, I knew I had to find a way to get it into Project Life. 

On to Week 15: 
Sorry that these spreads are a bit dark, I'm still trying to find a good reflector for these little photo shoots (or a better spot to get a picture at).
This week I relaxed a bit- the weather is turning nice *knock on wood*, so we've been spending quite a bit of time outside. On Tuesday, while my dad was at the Chiropractor, I went to the nearby Catholic church, which happens to have been the same parish I went to school at in elementary and middle school. I used to get a feeling of dread just looking at the building, but seeing St. Stephen's standing there, still operating (the church, the school closed the year I graduated 8th grade), it was like seeing a friend I hadn't seen in years. The church was locked, but I took some picture of the outside, remembering all the days I was an altar server, my 1st Communion, my 1st Confession, my 8th grade graduation Mass- all of it came back to me. Bittersweet. I also spent some time baby sitting my neighbor girls.
Hector has been so good to me, sending me pictures of my boy. I love getting pictures of him because I miss him so very much. Cecilia drew a flower using a new technique her friend taught her- i had her draw me a copy on a PL Grid Card. On Friday, Cecilia and I attended the Creating Keepsakes Convention here in Portland. I met up with a fellow Project Lifer and bought me a new core kit for 2015's Project Life (I gotta plan ahead you see).

So that is all I have for this week. Don't be shy to share your links to your Project Life or your scrapbooking share place. I hope to see you all back soon!


  1. Love that C drew a flower on a card for you. And, yes, potty training is totally PL worthy! Kids always seem to take their own time with it too. Love that you used the JAC protectors. Those are the neatest sizes!

    1. I love the JAC pages- they were the only reason I bought the kit.