05 May 2014

Accion Poetica

Tijuana is a place with a vibrant street art movement. There are murals decorating every inch of wall space in the city it seems. But there is a street art movement that uses simple black and white and words. It causes the viewer to stop and think. This is the movement of Accion Poetica.

AP is bigger than just Tijuana. It's all over Mexico and Latin America. I've seen it multiple times wandering around TJ and whenever I find a new message, I try to snap a picture:

A lot of times, these little "Poetry in Action" quotes are little musings about love, or life, or whatever. When I see them, I think of Hector. Tijuana is a city that has seen its share of migrants and long-distance relationships. I know there are other wives in TJ who have been in my situation. 

Marriage is tough; adding Tijuana to it can make it tougher. But these little words, always black and white amongst streets and buildings that can be so colorful and vibrant, give your eyes a place to rest and give your mind something to think about. When Hector and I have an argument, I bet I can find one of these murals on the side of a building near by, and change my perspective. And when we do fight, maybe it's like this thought I found one day as we were on the bus:

Sometimes, I love you always.
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