03 May 2014

Border Stories Saturday: It Affects the US, Too!

Today is World Press Freedom Day (or something like that) so I am sharing with you some Youtube videos dealing with this subject.

For many years the PRI party ruled in Mexico, driving up the amount of corruption in the country. This ended for awhile, while the drug wars increased. People got tired of the corruption, then of the violence, and they started speaking up. Now Mexico's current president, Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN), member of the PRI party, wants to shut them up. This affects us all.

The Original Call to Action

Please help spread the word about this horrible bill that could spill out into the rest of the world and affect everyone, not just Mexicans, but anyone in the world who has anything to say contrary to their ruling government. Celebrating World Press Freedom Day by helping spread the word about injustice.

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