19 May 2014


The date of the Reyes Family Exodus has been pushed back 2 days.

My parents are going to be driving me south, to spend some time together before it's all over. I know that I am doing the right thing for my children, but the pain that this is causing my parents is unbearable.
My dad took the kids to Ape Cave last August

My parents and I have always been rather close. I mean, we don't share everything, but they have been my rock through this entire process. Now it feels like I am just abandoning them. There are NO WORDS to describe how I feel about my parents. They literally saved me when I had no one to turn to. They have seen me at my MOST desperate, and now I'm just up and turning away from them.

I never meant to be 25 and still living with my parents. I totally was going to be studying archaeology in Egypt by 25 per a timeline for my life I made in the 5th grade. I totally can relate to people who do still live with their parents. Not the video-gaming 30-year-old's who still want their mom to do their laundry, but the ones who love their parents and want them to be okay (although, if my mom does want to do my laundry, she is more than welcome to!).
My mom and Cecilia at Cecilia's Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony last June.

Either way, my mom has a business trip the weekend I plan to leave. So I have to wait until later in the week to leave. Then my dad and her will be driving me south. The two extra days here are making me nervous. They hurt. They make me scared that something else will come up and I will never get out of here. I know that won't happen, because my parents do love me enough to support me in this decision, no matter how painful it is. I just wish I could pick up Portland and move it right next to TJ. The whole town. Then we wouldn't be so far apart.

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