02 May 2014

Faith Friday: Celebrating Mary

Welcome to Faith Fridays here on Mars! On Fridays on the blog, I share a post celebrating my Catholic Faith. Thank you for joining me here! 

It is the month of May (already!). It is during this month, that we celebrate our mothers and motherhood. I'm pretty special some years because in Mexico, Mother's Day is ALWAYS celebrated on May 10th, and if that is not the second Sunday of May, then I get TWO DAYS to be spoiled! Go me!

As Catholics, we believe that Mary is our mother, too. At the Passion of our Lord, Jesus says to his disciple:
"Behold thy mother" (John 19:27). 
Since we are all disciples of Christ, she is our mother, as well. We honor her during the month of May (as well as several times throughout the year) because God honored her first through her perfect faith in Him. But, as BIG as this subject is, I tried to convey it to my 7 year old. Most of it went right over her head. So, I began looking and pinning. When I went to Catholic school as a child, on May 1st, we would have a "Crowning of Mary" assembly and we would make flower crowns and decorate the church statues of her, singing and praying. It was a fun tradition. I wanted to do something like that for Cecilia, but I don't have any statues big enough to "crown"- I have a tiny one. What to do? Well, I found this awesome craft on Pinterest from the Catholic Sistas: A Mary Diorama!

So, Cecilia and I decided to put one of these bad boys together. In the tutorial, the original poster used pattern paper as a background, I just had Cecilia paint the box (also, a Persnickety Prints shipping box- I could not find a shoebox!) white.
I'm pretty sure this is her favorite part of the whole thing, because she loves painting. However, I wish she hadn't been painting  on my bedspread.
Then, since it's about 90 degrees today in Portland, we sat the box in the window to dry:
Lovely white box. I think everything should be painted white sometimes.
While we colored in the FREE printable from the Catholic Sistas site, we let the box dry. Then came the super (not-so) fun part of attaching the pieces to the inside of the diorama. I used the edges from the cut outs, folded back to attach some of the pieces. 
I just glued them down with whatever scrapbooking glue I have laying around (I think Elmer's brand right now). Since the Mary cut out is so large, I folded the bottom down and glued her to the middle (depth-wise) of the diorama. Then i took a scrap of paper at made kind of an arch with it, and glued it to the back of Mary and the back of the diorama: 

After I made Cecilia hold all of the pieces in place while they dried sturdy enough to move the box around, we had a finished product:
TA-DA!!! This was a great, fun, and super fast project (took us about 30 minutes, start to finish) that helped my daughter realize some of the reverence we should have for Mary the Mother of God and the mother of us :) I can't wait to do more Mary crafts with her this month. She is also saying the Rosary with me at night (rather than just listening). I'm very proud of the steps she taking to learn more about the Church. How are you showing reverence to Mary (or your own mother) this month?

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