16 May 2014

Faith Friday: Visiting Our Lady of Victory Parish

Welcome to Faith Fridays here on Mars! On Fridays on the blog, I share a post celebrating my Catholic Faith. Thank you for joining me here! 

Last weekend, Cecilia and I visited the Oregon Coast with her Girl Scout troop. It was a blast, but Sunday Cecilia got a bit sad. She wanted to go to Mass, but the girls were headed to the beach. As the only Catholics in the group, I thought we were for sure going to miss the last Mass of the day at the beautiful, newly remodeled, Our Lady of Victory parish. We didn't however. The girls (and the moms!) were a bit tired of the beach, at about 10:55 in the morning, so Cecilia and I said a quick good-bye and ran into Church just as Mass was starting.

The church building is a new building, one I didn't remember from my previous trips to Seaside, so I was a bit excited to see the new building. It is a modern church design, but the interior is painted blue. I love blue churches, I don't know why.
All of the pews were set up in a semi-circle around the minimalist altar. I honestly don't care what an altar looks like, it's about what happens on it, but at this church, it is what it is. This sort of pew-assembly wrecks havoc on any OCD I have- nothing is in straight lines. I don't like it. I was glad to be at the Lord's table, but the seating assignment makes me feel weird. I guess I'm too used to rows of pews.
Cecilia and I were both rather enthralled with the pipe organ. She has never seen one, and for me, it's been awhile since I last saw an organ either. I think they are fascinating. So did Cecilia. 
The stained glass was rather beautiful and beachy in its purple and blue. It was my kind of thing, even if they weren't too elaborate. 

I also am fascinated with church ceilings. Even in minimalist, modern ones. I loved the wooden ceiling. It reminded me I am clearly in the Pacific Northwest. I like that. 

Last but not least, Our Beautiful Lady of Victory with the Christ-Child, as you enter into the doors to the Church:
Our Lady of Victory parish was very welcoming, and I made sure to sign their guest book. I love visiting other Parishes and I'm so thankful for the unity of the Catholic Church world-wide. I can attend anywhere, and everyone is hearing the same message. I love the consistency of the Faith.


  1. I almost didn't share the First Communion post for my son on #SITSsharefest. I thought it might be too religious. When I checked back later, I saw this. Blessings on you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Never be afraid to show your faith! Blessings!