26 May 2014

Memorial Day

My relationship with America, my beloved home country, is not always a happy one. Sometimes, I really hate that America has basically ripped apart my family (totally biased and probably not accurate, but it's how I feel sometimes) and is not the country it used to be. I apologize to my patients who are vets; I say "Thank you for your service. I'm sorry that this is not the America that you gave so much for." They tend to agree with me.

I do love America and its military. I love the freedoms that I can enjoy here, which are harder to enjoy in other places. I pray for my country and I ask that God restore it unto Him, the way that it was founded. So today, on this solemn Memorial Day, I'm not thinking about barbecue and I'm peacefully sitting at home instead of on the beach, I thank God for all of the fallen heroes who gave me this glorious day off from work, who kept me speaking English instead of German, who fought in the name of our forefathers and didn't make it home:

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