13 May 2014

Project Life Tuesday: Week Eighteen

Welcome to Project Life Tuesday here on Mars. Today we're checking out Week Eighteen. This week (April 28-May 4) was a calm, boring week around here. I like these lulls in the activity we always seem to be in.

Some weeks I take only a few photos. Sometimes, I find myself struggling to fill the pocket pages with photos. I don't like to just fill the pockets with random filler cards; I have seen a lot of examples of really decorated cards, but I can't seem to bring myself to doing this. I started Project Life to showcase my pictures, not my scrapbooking products. In fact, I hardly look at scrapbook stuff anymore. I don't have time, and it seems like it will be a lot for me to bring to Mexico.


Here is the full spread of Week 18:
The left side, is the back of the Design C page, which presented a challenge for me- journaling-wise. I wanted to include a journal card from my Rain Edition kit. So I trimmed the bottom off and glued it to the week card. The left side is also one entire day. Cecilia and I went to the Grotto
It was a lovely day in Portland; Cecilia and I went up to the Upper Gardens and did the entire loop and just enjoyed being together. I took a lot of pictures that day, so I decided to make collages to include all of them. I love the fact that digital photography exists- I could not imagine trying to include every picture without making these collages in InstaPicFrame. I use this app for all of my collage pictures. It doesn't always work perfectly, but it gets the job done.
A close up of my collages: 6 pictures in two 4x6 photo pockets. Perfect for condensing and simplifying.
On the right side of the spread is where I ran into trouble. I had hardly taken any pictures since the Grotto. It is a constant reminder that I MUST tell myself is that, I'm documenting the everyday. The "everyday" is not too boring to document. 
Cecilia bought a tie-dye kit from the Girl Scout store and we tried to tie-dye the bandanna in the kit- major fail! It got really hot, so Cecilia filled up her old kiddie pool, but she's pretty much outgrown it. I bought Cecilia her mantilla, and she was asked to bring forward the Gifts at Mass. On Sunday, my friend braided my hair. I celebrated my inner nerd when I simply could not find anything else to put in that spot. I just downloaded the picture from Pinterest. The last picture is Cecilia, at Dollar Tree, paying for her own items. She is so stinkin' big!

How do you fill up your pocket pages when you don't have a lot to document? What do you do when you don't take many pictures?

Project Life is a memory keeping system designed by Becky Higgins. All products are available on Becky's website or on Amazon.com. Feel free to share links to your own Project Life pages in the comments below.


  1. That's a lot of photos! I had the same problem last week. Very busy but only 4 rubbish pics. I scanned dvd cases, used Google for theatre pics and just journalled. You could do screen shots if text conversations or d
    cheat with posed shots of everyday stuff that could be any week

    1. I sometimes take pictures of every day stuff, but I forget so often! Thanks for the idea.

  2. You did a great job getting so many photos in! And I completely agree with you - I try to add in journaling (which I'm awful at), but it always seems like such a waste of space when people use just lots of decorated cards in their albums - that's adding to the weight and space of things you want your kids to lug around forever!

    1. I was struggling to got those photos "album-worthy". I just decided the pockets needed to be filled. It's one of the things I've struggled with switching from event scrapbooking, to monthly, and now to weekly.