25 May 2014

Things Left To Do

There are few things I have not gotten around to doing. It has been Three Years I have been in Oregon, preparing for this move, and here I am, with 3 weeks left, and I still have things I need to do:

I need to pack my things better than I did when
I last went down there.
  1. Obviously, I need to pack. I have not packed up one single thing. A lot of these things could probably be packed up and I wouldn't really miss them. But I still haven't done it.
  2. I need to weed through the things that I am going to keep or get rid of. Somethings will stay at my mom's and live there. She [sorta] knows this. Things like my children's baby blankets will forever live here, since I refuse to get rid of them. However, they don't need to make the trip. Fortunately, my mom understands my hoarding tendencies and will keep them for me.
  3. I need to take my dog to have his shots updated. I don't know how I forgot to do this, but I did. And now I'm stressing. I don't even know if it's that important since Mexico is filled with all kinds of street dogs that I highly doubt are vaccinated, but I know for my Chudo it is.
I am starting to get nervous; it was around this time last year that I backed out at last minute. There are people here in Oregon who will be sad to see me go; I am going to be sad to see me go. But I have to remember that these preparations left are only left because this is really happening. I AM MOVING TO MEXICO. Yes, I am horrifically sad about leaving my home. But I am also horrifically sad at the thought of my kids being able to grow up with their dad, and not letting them.

I am really moving to Mexico. Who knew my life would end up here?


  1. You will be ok... I know you are scared moving there... I would be too. But you are doing the right thing. Nothing would keep me from being with my husband.. Happy thoughts your way ~