24 May 2014

Water Water Everywhere....

...and not a drop to drink, unless you boil it for one minute exactly at a rolling boil.

In case no one has heard, Portland is under a boil water order. Us Portlandians love our natural water. Our water runs right off of majestic Mt. Hood. We don't add flouride and we don't add any chemicals to our water to clean it. Our water is pretty pristine all on it's own. Except for this weekend. The Oregonian and most local news agencies put out the order on TV. I did not escape this order. We have to boil our water to prevent all of the nastiness that is E. coli. 
Boiling our water on the camp stove. #firstworldproblems

As I posted this on my personal Facebook page, a few international friends, (Krystal in particular), reminded me that this is preparation for Mexico. In Tijuana, you have to drink bottled water. The tap water (which I use to brush my teeth and shower) is not fit to drink. As of right now in Portland, bottled water is not an option, as store shelves are LITERALLY bare (because people don't know how to prepare for anything and freak out last minute). In Mexico, the tap water gets completely shut off for days. You have to fill your tanks so you can shower or wash your dishes.

Portland, calm down. Our perfectly pristine water will be back to our high-quality drinking standards soon. Just be thankful you can still shower.

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