12 May 2014

Weekend Recap

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Mars. I spent the weekend not posting here, enjoying my time with Cecilia and her Girl Scout troop. We took a little trip over to the Oregon coast for the Mother's Day weekend, and it could not have been more perfect. The weather was unusually beautiful and the company was great. Here's a little snippet (any pictures of the girls other than Cecilia have been blotted out for privacy reasons):
seaside oregon
The weather on the Oregon coast is usually pleasantly cold; a bit rainy and windy as well. Not this weekend! The sun came out and I even took off my sweater! The water that is usually icy, didn't even feel that cold when I stuck my toes in.
seaside oregon
Seaside, Oregon is a Portlander's weekend spot. I've been coming to Seaside all of my life. The giant public beach, multiple shops, and the friendly people are why I've always come here. And because it's a quick drive. Portland is only 2 hours from either the beach or the mountains (yeah, I'm gonna miss that....).
Cecilia was working on badges and crafts the entire weekend. The girls made these awesome sand jars and made veggie faces, for their Snacks badge.
We were staying not far from the local pool, so we stopped in; we had the entire pool to ourselves! Lucky us! The girls had so much fun with the fins and the floaties.
No trip to Seaside is complete without a trip to the candy shoppes. There are multiples. We stopped at The Buzz on Broadway with the troop, and the Seaside Candyman on our own- fudge at the first, and sugar-free taffy at the latter (for my mom!). I love taffy. It hurts my teeth, but I don't think I could ever visit the coast without having taffy. 
What is a Girl Scout trip without S'mores and campfire songs? I loved this part. We (the moms) actually got the fire going and the girls were so attentive to their fire safety lessons. Cecilia is an old pro when it comes to roastingburning marshmallows. Is there any other way to eat a S'more?
I missed my baby a lot this Mother's Day. I really feel like it wasn't a complete day without him. I wanted to take him to the beach, too. I wanted to buy him taffy and take him to run in the water, because the boy loves the beach. I honestly don't think he's ever been to the Oregon Coast, and now he probably won't get the chance. 

Since I've been coming to Seaside for so long, naturally I have memories of coming here as a family with Hector when Cecilia was small. It makes me sad, and angry, that I can't make new memories with my husband and son in this place, too. I mean, yes, we go to the beach (a lot!) in TJ, but it's not the same as the cool Oregon coast. The beach in TJ is hot; here it is cold and you need to run and warm up with a hot cup of chowder. In TJ  you want to drink from a coco and cool off. It's very different. It's funny how it can be the same ocean, but can invoke so many different feelings.

One more month. I'm glad I got to go and say good-bye to Seaside. It truly is a piece of my life here, and I needed some closure, and I didn't even realize. 

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  1. I'm glad you had a great time. It's always hard to close the book in a chapter of our lives. I'm glad you got some closure.