07 June 2014

And It Begins...

It has begun. The dreaded process of packing up. 

I have put this off as long as I could; packing is painful for me for a few reasons. The first reason is because it is a definite end to my life in Portland. I am really leaving this home, for good. It marks the end of my childhood, the end of my young adult life. This was the house where my babies grew up. This is the house where I grew up. This was my life for 25 years, and now it is ending. I am happy and sad about this. I will miss these walls, with their paint splatters and chips. I will miss these stairs, these doors. The second reason this is painful is because I am facing the reality that I am becoming my mother (I say this lovingly, I promise!). I hang onto A LOT of stuff. Most of this stuff is not necessary. It is crazy to what I thought I needed and what I have hung on to all of these years.
This is what my room looked like in September 2013. Eclectic is good word that I've used to describe this. A lot of the paintings were moved down to Tijuana during the Reyes Family Exodus, Part One. But a lot of stuff remained here from this picture. This is what it looks like currently:

 I started with my books. I figured they were the least necessary out of all of my things; I am not going to be reading my entire library in the next 10 days. I started filling the few boxes I got from work on Friday. One filled up way too fast; I thought I would not be able to fit all of my books into the boxes I have.
One box done.
My books ended up fitting *perfectly* into 3 boxes. I don't know how I managed to do that. I am the worst packer. I never really moved around; I've only helped other people move. I made sure to label the boxes in English and Spanish, just in case I get searched on my way into Mexico. I have never had a problem before, but I've also never gone through the declaration line.

Pardon my mess -I am packing and moving, after all. This is permanent, so definite. I AM ACTUALLY DOING THIS. It is now real! After I finished the boxes, I started work on the bookshelf. Fortunately, I have a utility shelf that I found on Craigslist for free. It simply pops together and apart.

Nine more days to go. Nine more days to pack up the rest of my life and put it into my dad's trailer. What is worth keeping and what is worth letting go of? That is where I will be finding myself in the next week. 

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  1. Looks like you are making some great progress!