04 June 2014

Going Downtown

I am a native Portlander (most people use the term "Portlandian" but I never really liked that term, and it never really became popular until "Portlandia" came out. I love my beautiful city; I even like the rain. I am not afraid to jump on public transportation, drink from a public water fountain, which we natives know are called  the "Benson Bubblers". I recycle. I like to think I am "greener" than the average person; but I will not bike from here to there. That would just require me to lose sleep.

The last couple of days, I have gotten to spend quite a bit of time in Downtown Portland. I have done this in the past, just enjoying time, but this week I had to serve jury duty. I wanted to get out of it, but it turned out to not be that bad (especially after some old lady and I went to TOWN on a puzzle!). There were LONG breaks for lunch (who knew public officials could take 2 hour lunches?!) and I got a lot of time to leave the beautiful courthouse and wander around Downtown.

Here, have a photo dump:

First Unitarian Church of Portland

Some random drinking fountain across from the courthouse 
City Hall

The Bubblers



Bear eating a salmon. So very Oregonian.

Pioneer Courthouse and the MAX light rail train

At lunch The Beat Goes On marching band was performing at the Square. I freaking love the Square.

I once was going to read all of the names on the bricks, but I never have.

This sign. I love this sign. 

And this statue- I don't know it's purpose, but I love it.

The old Meier and Frank Buiiding; it's now a Macy's.

Outside Starbucks

Do you play?


These pictures were for Hector. Because he loves chess.

Central library- a bibliophile's heaven on Earth. 

Top floor of central, looking up.

The Heathman Hotel; Christan Grey was not in residence

The Schnitz

The Federal Courthouse

The Portlandia statue

The City of Roses
I am gonna miss this place. A lot. I am grateful for my jury duty that let me spend some time enjoying the place where I've grown up and lived just one more time. It was nice to say goodbye to Portland this way.


  1. Love all the fantastic pix ~ geez.. jury duty when you all ready have so much to do on your plate.. Hope it's only a one or two day trial...

    1. I didn't get selected! I just sat around, got called up, but excused from 2 trials. I did puzzles and crocheted all day!