25 June 2014


You know that one friend you have, that you can share almost anything with? Have you actually met that person in real life, or are they just a Facebook. I am quickly believing more and more in Divine Providence; this is one of those cases.

When I first met Krystal, it was in a Facebook group that discussed Project Life. After a few random posts, we figured out we were both in Oregon. That was the first coincidence. After more conversing we somehow came to telling our life stories. We both had husbands caught up in the US Immigration system. That could not have been a coincidence.

After awhile, Krystal began a blog about her life down into exile in Central Mexico. I watched as her family went through the process; I had stalled my family's progress through fear. I watched this woman, a brave woman who fought for the US, who served her community, leave it all behind and go south to keep her family together. We continued talking scrapbooks and immigration and Mexico stories as she enjoyed time with her family, and I built up enough courage to even make to the border. One day, she added me to a Facebook group that changed my entire life; apparently there was an entire world of women like us, who had to leave the US to keep their family together. I wasn't alone in the world. I had no idea before that. I didn't know all of these ladies came together like that.

And it all started because of scrapbooking.

Well, Krystal is going home for the summer for a bit, and she was passing through TJ on her way home. So I got to spend some time with her! It was great meeting her in person. She has a great bubbly personality and great well behaved kids (unlike mine were yesterday!).

I owe so much to this lady, I swear. Without her, I really doubt I would have ever made it. I was too afraid, too selfish, too me. Her example gave me the courage to do a lot; start this blog, move to Mexico, fight for my family. This lady is special to me, and I wish I could have let her know while we were hanging out.

I knew scrapbooking would eventually change my life. Love ya, Krystal!

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