14 June 2014

Sponsored Post: Faith Folders

Awhile back, Lindy over at HolyLearning.net put out a call for bloggers to use her products. I approached her about this offer, and I selected one of her Faith Folders to try out.

These Faith Folders are lapbooks, or small booklets of information, all put together in a notebook or file folder. These are becoming more popular with homeschoolers and I've seen quite a bit of these on Pinterest. I've been using this method since May, and I think they are wonderfully interactive methods to teach children about different subjects.

Recently, I have been really into teaching Cecilia about the Catholic Faith, so I thought this would be the nice opening into our next unit to study, the Holy Mass. I selected "The Things I See In Church". I downloaded the PDF file and at first, I was truly overwhelmed at the SIZE of the file; it was a long, long one. However, after reading through the first couple of instruction pages, I found that Lindy has created several options for the consumer:

  • Blank pages/picture only that your child can fill out on their own
  • Black and white options
  • Color options
  • Pre-filled in pages where your child just read about the item being discussed. I went with these for the most part.
After printing out all of the pages of the smaller booklets, I began to assemble the folder: This is the first time I've used the file folders to do these kinds of activities. During the month of May, when Cecilia and I did a unit about Mary, I used her notebook pages. The manila folders are not necessary to this project, but they do help make it much sturdier than notebook paper.
Beginning to assemble the cover and the booklets.
I must admit that printing out all of these little booklets used a lot of ink and a lot of paper. I think when I do this again, I would use a copy store, just because I ate up a cartridge. 

A lot of the little booklets have things inside of their covers. To do this, I printed out the two sheets,  cut them out, and glued them back-to-back:

The cutting/gluing/assembling process did take some time, maybe about 2 hours. But it took me a little while to figure out how all of the pieces went and were arranged. I started gluing them all over before I realized they actually have little places to go inside the folder. 

Here's a look at the final product, and a video I made (rather proud about this one). Never mind my stuffy nose and terrible breathing; I have horrifying allergies:

I really am loving this project and Cecilia was super excited when she saw it. We're going to be going over this in quite some detail on our trip south.

For TWO weeks, you can visit Lindy's site and make a purchase of any of Lindy's wonderful products using the coupon code "andrea", you will receive 15% off your order!

This is a sponsored blog post; I received the product as compensation for this post, however, all of the thoughts and commentary are mine and my own feelings and thoughts. 


  1. We have a whole board book series, "Things I See in Church" "Things I See at Baptism" "Things I Hear in Church" Sadly, I think they are out of print, but I love them. Good job teaching the faith, Momma!

  2. These are really cool! I'll have to look into something like this when my daughter is a bit older - here in Italy there really isn't too much devoted to children like this!

    1. When you buy this product, you get a pdf file, which you can print from anywhere!