23 June 2014

Things I Do In Mexico

Life on the border in some ways is pretty similar to life in the US; in reality the US is about 5 miles from the house, if that. In many ways, however, life is also different here.

  • I hang my laundry out to dry. I did this sometimes in Portland, but not often because of the weather. I am grateful that we have a washing machine, however, because I actually HATE washing clothes by hand. I have done it, I hate it, and I probably won't go back to it. I'd rather just buy new clothes.
  • I don't eat out. In fact, I don't really eat all that much here. I think the hot weather is getting to me because I just don't feel hungry at all anymore.
  • I sunburn. In Oregon I have sunburned before, but it was only on the very hottest days of the year. Here I turn red just hanging up the laundry. Right now I am nursing some extremely painful burns all over my body. Thank the Lord of Aloe gel.
  • I walk to Church. I did this in Portland, too. In Portland, however, this didn't mean a cross country hike up a giant hill in long skirts and church shoes. No wonder so many people go casual to Mass around here.
  • I spend less time online and on my phone. I can't afford the data coverage to use my phone when I'm not on the wifi. I am finding that when I am out and about with my family, I'm actually paying attention to them, rather than checking Facebook or Instagram. Who knew one could actually go an hour without checking Facebook?! 
  • I cook on a gas stove. Some people love gas stoves and have done this all of their lives. I have not. I really miss my electic stove. Something about the fire and having Cecilia learn to cook just makes me sick to my stomach. 
  • I don't feel any different than I did in the US. Yes, my family is reunited and that is AWESOME, but I don't sleep any better, my body still aches constantly, and I am exhausted all of the time. It's not from work or the lack there of, it just feels like I'm exhausted completely. I am out of emotion here. Maybe I'll feel differently after I've been here more than a week.
Right now, my main focus is spending time with my kids, avoiding the sun like the plague and eventually looking for work of some kind. I am really missing Oregon's cool and comfortable weather. I don't really feel like I stick out all that much in the neighborhood, but I haven't been out a lot. 

I haven't felt like I really want to make friends or meet anyone just yet. There are several mamas in TJ and they know who they are, that I AM most certainly ready to meet and hang out with, but meeting "new" people seems like too much for me right now. Maybe soon I will feel like doing that, but right now I just want to get settled and recover from my burns. 

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  1. Hello, Andrea! I figured I should introduce myself since I've been following your blog for a few weeks now. I'm Lauren :) I don't live in Mexico anymore, but its still nice to keep up with ladies like yourself who are beginning the daunting (at first) process. I thought that "living Mexican" was difficult, but so very refreshing. I felt a lot healthier with all of the fresh food.. and the whole walking everywhere thing, like up those mammoth hills that you speak of. You brought up not using your data and all I could think about is the whole "tenemos wifi" thing in public places, but it's never actually free. Just little things that Americans take for granted. Also, if you can help it, I'd avoid Megacable like the plague! How's your Spanish? I feel like that was my biggest hurdle because it made it almost impossible to go anywhere alone. I understand it but am not good at speaking it. Drove me crazy. Still miss Mexico like crazy either way. Well, I hope to enjoy more of your posts soon! Buenas Noches!