02 June 2014

Two Week Wait

The "two-week-wait" or "TWW" is known throughout the cyber sphere of fertility message boards and Facebook groups. I once found myself in these groups, stressing about how many days past ovulation I was, if a line really is a "line" or evaporation, and then of course, the horrible feeling you get when you realize God doesn't think it's time to have a babyyour uterus HATES you. When I wanted to have my beautiful son, Isaias, we had to actually try. Cecilia clearly happened all on her own; most 16-year-olds are actively trying to conceive (and if they are they should be smacked!). Anyways, that two-week-wait period is the absolute WORST, most STRESSFUL two weeks I had ever endured...

...until now.

I am 2 weeks out from the move.
King Chudo at the vet. 

I have two more weeks to stare at my ceiling, two more weeks to lay in the grass, two more weeks of walking Cecilia to her elementary school, the exact same one that I attended as a child. Cecilia has one more Girl Scout meeting. I have 6 more scheduled shifts. I am more ready this week than I was last week, but I still haven't packed up a single item. I did sort through Cecilia's clothes and take a load to the Goodwill store. I did get the dog his shots (and dewormed, the poor little guy). I did put in my two-week notice at work. But I have yet to pack up anything.

This two-week wait is making me more nervous, more anxious, more tired and stressed than I have felt in a long time. I can feel the air changing in my home. Everyone knows I am leaving and is angry/upset/sad about it. I know that I am leaving and I'm terrified. I'm putting all of my energy into not packing and into silly things like:

  • Taking up crocheting....yes,  you will see pictures soon.
  • Yard sales with Cecilia. We found a new spin-art thing for a quarter. Pretty fun!
  • Homeschooling Cecilia in religion. Yes, I am trying to get everything printed out while I still have a printer available to me.
Are these all good things? Yes, I think so. Is it the correct timing for things? Probably not. I really need to start packing up things. I am such a procrastinator though... 


  1. Start with packing the important things like... your scrapbook supplies~
    Try to stay focused on the positive things and just start [packing little by little.. You will be ok..

    1. If I pack them, I can't look at them! I love looking at my stuff every day.