18 June 2014

World Cup 2014

Let us appreciate the fact that it is world cup and I'm NOT nursing a newborn or pregnant. This is an oddity for me.

Welcome to World Cup 2014. Yesterday Mexico tied scoreless against Brazil. It was a hell of a game; I haven't seen Mexico play that well in a LONG time- thanks to Ochoa and his amazing saves. I have never been in a place where a game is on, where everyone is so excited,jumping up and down and screaming. We were sitting in a waiting room of a doctor's office watching the end of the game. Every doctor and nurse in the clinic was in the waiting room, watching the game, dressed in their Tri jerseies, right along with all of the patients. And none of the patients cared. They were right there, absorbed into the game as well.

Wowzers. It was a crazy game. Now allof Mexico is making memes about this guy. Some of them are pretty good:

And my personal favorite....

You're welcome. Let's see if Mr. Ochoa and keep Mexico in the running to actually win the World Cup...

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