11 July 2014


So... what an exhausting week it has been!

Sunday afternoon, I began to notice a painful lump on my back. It stung a bit, but Cecilia and I headed to San Diego to get stuff done. As the day progressed, the lump got more and more painful. I developed a fever and nausea, and I began to get very weak and dizzy. I was thinking about heading to the ER with Cecilia with me, but I though it would be better to take her home first. The pain was awful- Hector put a hot pack on my back and I screamed in agony so badly I scared the baby. I decided to head back to the US to go to the ER.

My only experience with Mexican doctors was not good. I decided that for me at that time, a trip to the US would be better; I got into line and quickly realized why Sundays are the absolute worst days to cross. For 3 hours I cried in pain while everyone else stared at me like, ''What is wrong with that guerita?''. My fever was coming and going so quickly I couldn't keep up. One minute, I'd have the sweats, the next I'd be freezing in the 80 degree night. I finally made it to the checkpoint and asked the Border Patrol officer where the hospital was. He asked me if I needed an ambulance. I figured after waiting 3 hours to cross the border, I could drive myself a couple more miles to the hospital.

The hospital in San Diego was not exactly an ER that I was used to. It was small, for one, and the back was really crowded. There were no hospital bed, but chair-beds, I felt absolutely terrible, my pain was definitely worse that popping Isaias's big head out without drugs and about equal as to pulling out my wisdom teeth without drugs. The doctor saw me for about 3 seconds, wrote me a prescription for 2 heavy-duty antibiotics and sent my on my way.

I went home to get my prescription the next day. I figured that paying for the prescription in the middle of the night at some random pharmacy that my insurance may or may not cover was kinda a long-shot, especially in so much pain and with a fever. I went home and somehow slept for a bit.

On Day 2 my back looked even worse. The hard lump was now about the size of my entire hand, and it was spreading across my back. It burned and I cried. Hector and I found a pharmacy here in TJ to take my American prescription. That usually doesn't happen. I lucked out and got my meds rather cheaply; thank God for that.

On Day 3 the hard lump hurt still, but the pain was subsiding and I was still having fevers on and off, but not as badly. By this time, I was feeling really, really tired. The infection and the medications were wiping me out.

On Day 4 the redness was spreading, but the pain and dark red inflammation were going lightening up.

On Day 5 it popped. It's gross for my family, but for me, it's just another day. I am doing my own dressings.

I'm still having fevers on and off, and I'm still fighting some pain, but it is nothing like it was. I am taking my prescriptions like I should, and I am getting better, and hopefully, I'll be back to my normal self sometime soon.