01 July 2014

Project Life Tuesday: Weeks 22-23

Well... hello Project Life! I have missed you.

I brought all of my scrapbook stuff. Well, not all of it. I brought my Rain Edition cards, and my album.We left so quickly that a lot of the things I need, like my paper trimmer, got left behind. That is the great thing about Project Life, though; you only need a couple of basics to put a scrapbook together. I hope soon that I can find somewhere to print some pictures, because I'd really like to continue working on the scrapbooks. Once I get less lazy, I will find my Walgreens in Chula Vista. Hopefully, I can get a visit from my parents before too long so that I can be reunited with my scrapbooking materials.

Today, I'm looking at my life in Portland, still. Looking at these pictures make me truly homesick. It seems like a lifetime ago that I was there, and in reality it was only the beginning of this month.

Week 22:

I took Cecilia to OMSI to see their super awesome dinosaur animatronics display. It was so much fun, but I missed my son. He would have loved to see this exhibit.

The rest of the week, I focused on Cecilia: She had a field trip to the Portland Art Museum. I didn't go, but I found a picture online and downloaded it for the album. She talked about the trip for days. It was also field day at her school, which I volunteered for. It was a lot of fun being at the school, hanging out with the teachers and the people who support Cecilia.

Right side
Left side. Hector sent me lots of pictures of my baby.
Week 23:

This week  I had jury duty and I was enjoying time in Downtown Portland. I was getting ready to move and making peace with it all. I look at this week with good feelings.

My pictures didn't turn out that well, so if I get time I'll take some more. But here is the Week 23 spread. From here on out, I'm only using Design A page protectors, because that is all I have with me.

I hope that I can get more caught up, and start scrapping my life here in Mexico. I would love for you all to see it!

Project Life is a memory keeping system designed by Becky Higgins. All products are available on Becky's website or on Amazon.com. Feel free to share links to your own Project Life pages in the comments below.

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