12 August 2014

Oh Captain, My Captain!

I will just say it: I am absolutely devastated about the death of Robin Williams. He was such an integral part of my childhood and stars in many of my favorite movies. To hear that his died from suicide is just another heart break all its own. As someone who has stood on that brink, who has been so hopeless that I really thought dying was my only way out, it is painful to hear of others suffering in that way.

I can only know that to contemplate suicide or do complete it is to not be of sound mind. I pray that God has mercy on his soul, because he did so much good in this world, brought so much light and laughter. He made me laugh, slipped in bits of wisdom, and became part of my world.  I know that I serve a merciful and loving God, who knows the heart of every single person. I pray that Mr. Williams finds peace and liberation of suffering wherever he may be.

If you, or anyone you know, is depressed or thinking about suicide, please feel free to contact me, your local priest/religious leader, your doctor, or even call 911. Depression is a serious and misunderstood disease, and education and information are our greatest allies. You are not alone, and you are loved by a merciful God in Heaven. He loves you, even when you can't see it. You just have to reach out to Him and let Him work in your life. 

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