18 August 2014

Oregon Trip Recap

My trip to Oregon was one that was completely unexpected and actually needed. I think that going home provided me with some much needed perspective about my situation here in Tijuana. It was super nice to see my parents, to enjoy the beautiful pine trees, and see some friends. The kids and I did a lot of the same stuff that we used to do. It was difficult to not slip back into my life that I had there, so I kept telling myself that I was leaving Oregon and going home to Tijuana.

Here is a photo recap of our time in Oregon:

Our last-minute tickets meant a 2-hour layover in Phoenix. I had never been to Arizona and I really wish I could have stayed and explored a bit, but I knew that I had things to do.
The pilot let us know we were flying over the Grand Canyon. Before Hector was deported, the Grand Canyon was on my Bucket List. I wanted to see all of the Utah-Arizona national parks. This is just the very beginning of the canyon; my phone died after I snapped this picture. I must say that the Grand Canyon is pretty impressive from above.
My dad was home when we arrived; and the first thing he wanted to do was take the kids to the park. I didn't have a lot of battery on my phone, but I did get this picture. This park is special because it is the park where I met Hector all those years ago. 
See's Candies is apparently the place to be. We went twice on our trip. My mom loves taking the kids here.
Isaias freaking agreed to a haircut! That itself is a miracle. Of course, it was only if his Tita could do it. He loves Hector's beautiful mom. She is a queen and it was great for the kids to see her and for me to visit with her. She has always been a very good friend to me.

My mom's garden has gone nuts! I think these are the biggest carrots she's ever grown. Once Isaias realized that he could pick his own fresh carrots, that is all he wanted to snack on. They were so sweet and juicy. I was rather impressed. I know it is because Hector's mom helped her- I love my mom but she kills grass.
Our Chudo! I miss our dog so much. He didn't make the trip south with us because I don't think that we can have a dog in our apartment. It's nice to see that he is still being taken care of. I've had him since he was weaned and I just don't think I could part with him completely.
We went to OMSI since I still have my membership. They have the Dinosaur exhibit right now with the animatronic dinosaurs. The kids loved it. This was Cecilia's second time seeing them and Isaias's first time. He didn't freak out and was a real trooper.

Isaias finds trains no matter where we go.

 I miss having a yard. In Tijuana, houses are practically stacked right on top of each other. There is no room to send your kids out to play, except in the street. The grass and trees and the space of my backyard at my Portland home is something I took for granted, but now I relish in them. Oh yes, and drinking out of the garden hose. I miss that, too.
 The train tables at the mall. It was HOT in Portland, almost 100 degrees. So I went to the mall with the kids because it is air conditioned. My favorite place to take them is Barnes and Noble bookstores because they have the train table, plus I can be among books. I miss books so much. I miss my home library. I miss having time to read.

 We went to Mass at our old parish. I miss this Church so much. This is the church and congregation that brought me back to the Catholic Church. This place is like a haven to me. It is a place of renewal. It is also the parish where Cecilia was baptized, but that is another story in the scrapbook.

 My mom took the kids out for frozen yogurt at TCBY. This was where we said good-bye to my mom since she would be at work when we left. It was nice to just be out with my parents and my kids, watching them enjoy each other. That is something else I used to take for granted. I used to not realize the importance of this family, of our time spent together.

 My parents arranged for us to come home on the bus. It was the cheapest option, but not the most ideal. This is the same bus terminal where I said good-bye to my dad on June 15. We came with only a backpack to Portland, but left with 2 suitcases, 2 backpacks and a load of other tote bags full of stuff we left behind the last time. As I had all of the stuff with me, it felt again like I was abandoning my parents and there were tears all around. It was painful and sickening to watch my dad drive away. I love him so much.
 Riding the bus with an almost-4 year old and an 8 year old is not a lot of fun, if you can't imagine. We were miraculously able to sit together the entire ride, sitting in the back of the bus next to the bathroom; however, the kids were able to sleep all right, I was not. The bus was crowded. We got off the bus at Huntington Park, California, where we were huddled into a van that took us to San Ysidro. Driving through the state of California is always interesting- I watched the sunrise over my beloved Sierra Nevada moutains. Maybe one day I will write a post about why I love them so much. We drove through the San Joaquin valley, through the Grapevine, and then finally, along the coast.
It was nice to be home; when we were coming up the 805 and then all of a sudden, Tijuana (the big Mexican flag and the Arco) is right in front of you. I breathed a sigh of relief and knew that I was going home and my life would go back to normal. It was nice to walk in my front door and see my niece and nephew and of course baby Emilia.

I would love to make a trip back to Oregon again soon, but I am ready to go on with my life here. Home truly is where your husband is.


  1. Error in first paragraph: What you saw here was mostly fir trees. Sure, some pines have been imported but just as many redwoods have too.
    BTW, really glad you came and even sorrier to see you go. As you know now, we built up some horrendous bills and are looking at more to come. We'll get there when we can but I can't say yet when that will be.

    1. Horrendous bills on both ends. Maybe you should stay out of ambulances and off the floor for awhile.

    2. Off the floor? Well, levitation certainly could reduce the lumps and bumps I normally get from (what passes for) normal life.