05 August 2014

Project Life Tuesday: Oaxaca Trip Mini-Album

In January of this year, Hector had to make a trip down south to the city where he was born to cring some paperwork. That is one of the things about Mexico- if you don't have your paperwork, it is faster and probably cheaper for you to go halfway across the country to get it yourself, than to hope someone will bring it for you for an astronomical fee. Hector's bus ticket down to Oaxaca cost about $100 USD.

Hector knows my love of documenting everything, and he took my camera down south with him (before he broke it...) to capture his little adventure. Then, when he returned to Tijuana, he emailed me the files, and I had all of the pictures printed at Persnickety Prints. There was no real reason for choosing Persnickety, I just really like their customer service, and they did a fabulous job (as always).

I knew that I wanted to make a mini-album of Hector's pictures and I knew I wanted to do it Project Life style. I had falled in love and bought the Michael's Exclusive Vintage Travel Edition when it first came out. I had bought it and hoarded it. When I got the pictures from Oaxaca, I knew that this was the perfect Project Life edition for this album. As for the album, I knew that I wanted a 6x8 Simple Stories album. I had used one for my December Daily project in 2013 and they are the perfect mini album. This brown one was the perfect feel for these pictures and this Project Life kit. I bought some extra pages, but I found that cutting down my Becky Higgins design A pages also worked well for what I needed them to. I also found that the Becky Higgins pockets fit the Persnickety prints better than the Simple Stories page protectors.

Here are some of the spreads. I'm sorry that my camera is not taking very good photos right now, I'm not quite sure what is going on with it.

For the title page, I took my favorite of Hector's photos and printed it as an 8x10. Then I trimmed it down. I wrote "Oaxaca 2014" on the corner with a Sharpie because I don't have any stickers here and I wanted it there.

I love the cards in this kit. They are perfect for travel andfor every day photos. I love how they blend the modern Oaxaca with the Old Colonial pictures. 

I can't wait till I get to go to Oaxaca or get to make another mini album. I love this book and I find myself looking at it often. I left all of the cards blank for Hector to fill in, but he hasn't. Hopefully he will. 

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