19 August 2014

Project Life Tuesday: Week 24 & The End of Album One

Welcome to Project Life Tuesday! When I was in Portland, I was able to print my pictures that I had been saving up since we got here. I was so excited to have all of my pictures! I missed doing Project Life. I have a terrible memory, so documenting my life like this, a week at a time, has been a big blessing for me.

When Project Life was first released in 2009 or 2010, I was having NO part of it. I thought that it was completely taking away from "real scrapbooking". I didn't see how you could just reduce one special day, like Christmas, to one photo. I thought that it was an incomplete documentation. In 2012, Becky Higgins realeased the Cobalt Edition of Project Life, and I was in love with the kit. I was already slowly gravitating towards Project Life-style scrapbooking for Cecilia and Isaias's albums. I was alone, Hector had been gone for about a year, and I was overwhelmed with my work and my life. I needed something simpler- so I used Project Life to document events/a month at a time. The idea of documenting a week at a time still seemed overwhelming; for 2012 and 2013 I was able to get 2 years into one 12x12 album. I knew as 2013 progressed that I would need a new core kit for 2014, and that I would switch to weekly documentation. 2013 was full of multiple inserts of me, trying to tell all of the stories. I knew that if I switched to weekly, I would be able to tell all of the stories I wanted to tell.

So here I am in 2014, and in week 24, I am ending my first album. The thought of having a year spread across 2 whole albums is too much for me. However, I decided to end my album here, because after week 24, I moved to Mexico so it seemed like a good idea.

Week 24 was our very last week in Portland. I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was so busy getting ready to leave. However, this was also the week that Cecilia finished up 2nd grade and turned 8. There was a lot going on in our lives.

I have decided to use only Design A page protectors now that I am living in Mexico. It's not that I don't LOVE the other designs, or because I don't have any other ones. It is just simpler for me to make a collage that is a horizontal 4x6 than to try and do them any other way. It is simpler for me to print.

I wanted to get a big 12x12 picture as my last page in the album, but I didn't want to have to pay shipping on one photo. So, I ordered an 8x10 from Walgreens. This picture was the very last picture I took in Portland. The background paper is from the Turquoise edition Designer Paper pack, which I believe is discontinued. I thought it went well with the Rain core kit that I use. I used some purple Washi tape to bring the whole color scheme together, then I mounted the photo onto the a few of the "Last Page Cards" from the Rain Core Kit. The "Real Life" circle is from one of the filler cards in the kit. I just cut the design out and pasted it on. Then I cut the page up and slipped it into the page protector.

Volume one is for 2014 is now finished. Volume 2 is not only the beginning of a new album, but is the beginning of our lives here in Mexico.

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