19 September 2014

Oh, Hello There!


You are probably wondering what happened to us.

I've just been really busy. I finally got a job. It's not a dream job by any means, and my hours are super sucky, but it is a job in the US that pays in dollars rather than pesos, so I can't complain too much. I work in the darkness hours, which means my circadian rhythm is all distorted. I am too exhausted ninety-nine percent of the time to try and do anything. I felt tired as a full-time CNA, but this is a different kind of tired, even if it is less hours. The best part of my job is the fact that I cross the border in the middle of the night; my average wait-time to cross is about 15 minutes, compared to up to 3 hours in some places.

Cecilia has been feeling her way around at school; she is struggling a lot with the language barrier and the fact that Mexican schools are more advanced than the public school she was attending in Portland. It's been a nightmare trying to play catch-up from the things she didn't learn in the US, plus keep her from falling behing. It seems as if there is no balance between the two. She has made friends with her classmates, however. Despite all of her struggles in the classroom, her bubbly personality helps her meet girls her age and make friends. She is truly trying with her Spanish, and she is succeeding. I think making friends is helpful for her academically, because they can help her understand the language of the assignment.

Emilia is growing like a weed, rolling over, trying to army crawl, and is holding her own bottle. Her newest favorite toy is her toes. I love this baby stage; she is no longer a newborn and is developing her own personality. She is quite attached to me, but she is quite attached to anyone who will hold her and talk to her. She is, as all women in the family, a social butterfly.

Isaias is just being himself, which basicaly means he spands his days being awesome, watching videogame walkthroughs on YouTube of Kirby, Mario Brothers, and Sonic. I feel rather proud of the fact that my son has taken from our nerdiness- I just hope he learns to love Harry Potter and Doctor Who as well.

Hector doesn't want me to tell people what he's been up to, but he is spending most of his time just being an awesome dad and helpiong Cecilia with her HOURS of homework.

That's pretty much all we've been up to and have been planning; there isn't anything exciting coming up soon. It's strange to back living family life. Everything seems so normal, it hardly seems newsworthy. I have a few posts brewing in my head, so maybe if I'm not dying of sleepyness, I might get around to writing them.

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