02 September 2014

Project Life Tuesday: Volume 2 Title Page

Hey, it's Tuesday! I know I haven't been very consistent in these Project Life Posts, but I promise I am up-to-date in my albums. Between new routines and back to school, I feel like I barely have any time to write anymore.

Let's get started, shall we:

My title page for Volume Two of 2014 is the beginning of our lives here in Mexico. And, while continuing with the Rain Core Edition of Project Life, I wanted this title page to contrast the last page of my Volume One Album.

It would have been nice to include a family photo for this title page, but we have yet to take one and we probably won't take one until Christmas. That is just the way we are. Instead, I included 2 4x6 photos that I thought really sum up this life here: The "Mexico" sign you see as you drive into Mexican customs, and a bright pink hibiscus flower. The small 3x4 photo is the title of the album that I wrote in the sand at the beach. Super simple. I almost never use any embellishments in my Project Life spreads, but for the title page, I made an exception. All of the wood veneers were bought at Michael's stores and are Recollections brand. The crown I found in their woodworking section.

I have really loved sharing my Project Life pages here on the blog with you all, but in case you haven't noticed, my pictures are a bit grainy and blurry. That is because my camera no longer wants to focus, and I am getting terrible pictures. So, because of this, I am going to still be project-lifing, but until I can afford a new camera, I won't be posting unless I can magically get a good picture. It's really frustrating to have all of your stuff fall apart and quit working, especially when you are accustomed to being able to fix things or get new things, and now you know you can't.

Project Life is NOT stopping around here, but until I can give you, my readers, better pictures, I am going to put my Project Life Tuesday posts on hiatus.

Project Life is a memory keeping system designed by Becky Higgins. All products are available on Becky's website or on Amazon.com. Feel free to share links to your own Project Life pages in the comments below.

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