21 October 2014


Well, the month of October has certainly flown by.

This month Hector and I embarked on yet ANOTHER new adventure...we've moved out completely on our own for the very first time in our lives!

Our new home is a tiny one bedroom apartment in the same neighborhood we have been living in- basically I don't have to walk up anymore hills to get to anything. Apartments in Tijuana never come very furnished, so we've been learning how to live without a refrigerator or stove. Basically, it can be done and it is very humbling.

I've been dreaming of October in Portland, with the trees yellow and bright and the cool, crisp fall air. I've been dreaming of pumpkin patches and hot apple cider, sweater weather, and soup bubbling on the stove. Octobers are my favorite time of year. Not only is October my birthday month, but October means that winter is on it's way. I'm a sucker for cooler weather.

Fall doesn't exist here. Sometimes, I think I may catch a glimpse of it in the cooler evening air, but the sunshine and heat of the day keep the leaves on the trees green. There are no pumpkin patches. People are getting ready for Halloween and Día de los Muertos. Yes, the marigolds are a beautiful yellow, almost reminiscent of the trees in Oregon, but they are hardly the same. The bright colors of these holidays don't fill me with the wonder of fall. There is no hint of spice in the air. The only feeling I feel these days is a great homesickness for Sauvie Island and the days I used to spend in the country.

My phone is broken, so I have not taken a single picture in almost a month. It's been a nightmare for someone who scrapbooks week to week, but it's just life. What has come over me the most, is that I realize how humble I've been made my experiences here. In Portland, if my phone or camera broke, I simply bought a new one. I didn't care about the expense. Before I came here, I couldn't live without a refrigerator, but now I do (most unwillingly, I should mention). I wouldn't have ever thought about walking up a big hill, now I leave the car at home. I used to drink Starbucks and Pepsi every day, now I drink soda maybe once a week. Money doesn't fall from the sky. I've learned that I'm no better than anyone else. I don't deserve these luxuries more than anyone else does. Yes, I am blessed and grateful to God for my minimum wage job that barely pays the bills, because I know there are so many people in the world that would love to be in my place. I understand that now.

I don't feel like the same person who left Portland on a bus just four months ago. I feel much, much older.

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