16 December 2014

Six Months

Well, it's snuck up on me without much thought about it, but I have been living in Mexico for six months.

Time goes faster and faster as life ticks on, so I barely realized that this day had come, but it has and I don't know how I feel about it.

This is December, and I really am missing Oregon right now. Mt. Hood is most likely covered in snow, but the days are still sunny and warm here. I long for real cold weather and rain and green trees and family and my mom's oven that always smells like cookies. I miss my mom's heat vent from her old oil furnace that warms you up toasty, quick. I miss working at my old job where the residents would be putting up their trees and I miss hanging out with my friends.

But I believe that I have grown up a lot, a lot, A LOT in the last six months. Which to me, means that I have learned to live humbly. I have learned to make due. I have gone from "I can't live without a washing machine" to knowing that Zote soap is the best for hand washing your clothes. I know how to buy only what we need because there is no room for excess. I've learned that a lot of the things I thought I knew about the world and people were mostly wrong. I've learned to have complete trust in God because somedays I just don't know how I'll ever make it another second, but then I do.

Here is a recap of my life in the last six months or so...

June 2014

July 2014

Learning to love my life August 2014

Saying goodbye a second time, August 2014

Helping Cecilia adjust

September or October 2014 (notice that I am getting skinnier).

November 2014

November 2014

December 2014
In the last six months, I've lost a lot of pride, about 25 pounds, and a million bad habits. I've gained a lot of humilty, a rebuilt relationship with my husband and family, and I've learned what it truly means to be independent. Life if not perfect, but it is life. I'm adapting and I'm learning to live on both sides of the border. I have accepted that this is my life, even if I miss Oregon. Sometimes I get sad when I think that I'll never have the luxury of waking up and seeing Mt. Hood again, or downtown Portland, but I get to wake up with a complete family unit. That is just as rewarding for me.

Here's to the next six months and to the rest of my life...

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