13 December 2014

Someone Turned 4!!

Hello blogging world. It's most difficult to run a blog without a steady wifi connection!

Anyways, someone special turned four years old. My son, Isaias, was five months old when Hector was deported. For his birthdays, we never had a party, because I did not want Hector to miss out on his son's birthday. Usually, we had a vacation and flew down to visit during those 3 years of separation.

Well, this year, I decided it was time for my son to have a party. Usually, parties are over-the-top here with bouncers and all kinds of stuff, but that just wasn't in my budget. Instead, I decided to make my own decorations on a limited budget!

This cake topper cost me a total $10 to make. I am a Michael's employees. Tissue paper, a $2 frame, a picture made in Picmonkey, a styrofoam disc and some ribbon . The frame comes in two pieces: a base and the frame, I stuck the base into the foam about a 1/2" and secured it with hot glue, then I did the same for the top. I made the bows, and my car-themed cake quickly became a Thomas the Train themed cake.

Here are some other pictures of the decorations:
The Water Tower was for the Drink Station.
The Water Tower and Fueling Station frames were also the $2 Michael's frames. I made them almost exactly as I made the Cake Topper, but I didn't attach them to styrofoam. Since the frames are double sided, I simply cut some scrapbook paper that I had on hand to 4x6 and stuck it behind the pictures. There were several of these frames; I also had one for the Piñata station, but I didn't take a picture of that. These all became party favors.

The Fueling Station was for the food table.
We held the celebration at the park by our house. We lucked out that no one was using the spot- Hector had to go wait at the park super early. There was no charge to use the park, like at most Mexican parks. We simply got lucky that day. The banner was NOT homemade. I bought it at Party City.
The piñata we bought at a local candy store. I usually don't buy shaped piñatas like this one, because when you add candy they balance really funny. This one was no different; I ended up having to cut extra holes in it to add candy to the back so that it would balance evenly.
Isaias wasn't too sure about the idea of hitting Thomas. He was just lightly 'tapping' him.
Our food was traditional American cheeseburgers and hot dogs. It was the cheapest route to go. I have never actually had American food at a party, I usually make carne asada. The food was a hit, and Hector didn't complain (too much) about having to cook it.
The cake I bought the morning-of the party. I couldn't find a tres leches cake that I didn't have to prepay for. That was the main reason I made the cake topper. I lucked out and found a Mexican bakery on my way home from work in San Ysidro, CA. The cake was originally car-themed, but I made it work. I just took off their decoration and added mine. The Thomas birthday candle is from Michael's and costs about $4.
Blowing out the candle.
 Isaias got a face-full of cake now with "La Mordida". Cecilia loves the tradition; Isaias, not so much.
So that was the day my son turned four and had his very first birthday party. Hector got to be a part of it, which is the big deal for me. I was so excited about the party, and Isaias talked about it for days. I'm thankful that I live in a cross-borders world where I can have my family in one piece.

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