09 February 2015

Parque Morelos

When people tend to think of Tijuana, they think of a dirty place. They think of the red light district; they think of the canal where all of the homeless people live and where the sewage of the city drains to. It's true: those are some very public, ugly places here. But this city also has some very  beautiful, family places. One of them is Parque Morelos.
We were itching to get out of the house, and I suggested we go to the park. There is our local park, which is nice, but we had not been to Parque Morelos in a very long time. We used to go a lot when I would visit, but we had not been since moving here.
The park has a lot of attractions: a miniature train for my Thomas-obsessed boy, ceramic painting for my overly-artistic girl, the small city zoo (free of charge, I may add), fair rides, a lake with paddle boats, a swimming pool in the summer, and much more.

We parked on the street, so we avoided the 20 pesos parking charge, and with Emilia in the Ergo, we bought ice cream cones for $10 pesos each, or about $.60. Then we took a spin on the miniature train. The tickets were $6 pesos for adults, $3 for kids, so the train cost us $18 pesos, or about $1.25 total. The train takes you past the zoo's camel exhibit, so of course the kids wanted to head to the zoo after the train.

The zoo in Tijuana is rather small for someone used to the vastness and variety of the Oregon Zoo, but this zoo is free to get into. This zoo has a lot of exotic birds, and it is rather loud! They squawk at each other and they sound like they are arguing. The zoo also features two tigers, a jaguar, monkeys, and two black bears. They are expanding the zoo right now I believe and are remodeling the reptile house. We arrived just as they closed the reptile house, so we missed that part. My son went crazy for the bears and the monkeys- he didn't care that this zoo wasn't like the Oregon one.

After the zoo we went to paint ceramics. In all the times I visited when money was no object, we never did this. We picked out two figurines, which coated us a total of $50 pesos, or $3.50ish. The place gave us the paint and brushes. Cecilia picked a Precious Moments Virgin de Guadalupe and my son occurred his alter-ego, the mushroom guy from Super Mario Bros. I ended up doing most of the painting myself, but it felt so good to sit there in the warm evening breeze with my husband and kids, knowing that I was in no hurry to go do something else.

When we used to the park, we were constantly in a rush, needing to this and that. Now, I can sit there all afternoon because there is no time limit on my life here. I am always here. I need to go downtown? I can do that tomorrow. Today I am going to sit in the park and enjoy it. There is no more hurry. Slowly I am recognizing the benefits I am reaping from choosing to live here.

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