29 April 2015

Family Ties

April was a horrendously busy month!

At the beginning of April, i made a trip home to Portland. My mom's birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year, which is right in the middle of spring break in Mexico. The kids and I flew up to Portland, which was reading and green, and much colder than I remember; I spent a bunch of time on my mom's couch under blankets with my sweatshirts and wool socks that I thought I'd never see again, on.

Being in Portland was awkward, definitely. The longer I've been away, the more I feel like I don't really belong there. My mom's house is such a grand part of me, but it is a me that doesn't exist anymore. It's a shadow of a life that I don't live anymore. However, being in Portland gave me the opportunity to spend time with my mom and dad and see friends I sorely miss.

As my time in Portland came a close, we prepared for the long drive back to TJ. My dad made the drive with me. I want to publicly thank him for this: it made going back to TJ a million times easier. Once we made it, my dad spent a whole 2 weeks with me. It was so nice to have my dad. I know it was hard on him to be so far away from his home, but having Hector and my dad around was like a dream come true; I honestly thought Hector would never see my parents again.

My mom joined us the second week; i really enjoyed hanging out with my mom and showing her the different aspects of the life I live. Sometimes it wasn't much fun (ER trips), but I'm glad my parents could come. It was like a reconciliation between my two lives: the past and the new. It was hard let my parents leave, and it was especially hard on the kids, but I'm glad they got spend that time together.

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